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vufind tutoring / set-up help for hire?

Mike McDermott

Hello –

My library is looking at setting up a ‘Bento search’ type service for a bunch of our Special Collections materials. After looking around I’d like to go with vufind as the application.

I’ve got a test server set up, and have successfully imported a collection of MARC records from our catalog, harvested from our Digital Commons via OAI-PMH and indexed a section of our website.

But, I feel like I am over my head when it comes to modifying the public interface and configuring the combined search results and related metadata. I’ve had quite a bit of PHP experience, but mostly smaller procedural scripts, not big object oriented projects, so going from the documentation to that mass of code is tough. I’ve come away from the modifications I have been able to make feeling like I’m doing it wrong.

It seems like if I could sit down with someone familiar with the system and walk through some of these activities I could pick it up pretty quickly.


Has anyone ever hired a contractor or gone with one of the companies on the list on the vufind website? (It seems like they are mostly out of the US).


Does anyone know of a vufind gunslinger-for-hire they would recommend?


Or are there other options?

Thanks for any suggestions…


Mike McDermott

Bowdoin College Library


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