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standard numbers: coupla ideas to share

Naomi Dushay
We're currently only offering a single search box at Stanford;  while  
that is likely to change in the future, here's something everyone can  

standard number searches can be added to the "default" keyword search  
without degradation of other search results.  We currently allow ISBN,  
ISSN (i have to fix index to omit hyphen and to look for it in the  
query) and the unique id of our records (the "ckey" in sirsi/unicorn  
parlance).  I will be adding OCLC and LCCN in the near future.

Here's what we did:

1.  Get clean standard numbers into the index.  I have code to share  
for ISBN, ISSN, OCLC, LCCN.  (None is needed for unique ids).  My code  
takes care of prefixes, suffixes, and very basic validation (up to a  

2.  Add the fields to the "default" search in web/sys/SOLR.php  method  
buildQuery() ... the default in the switch statement.

I added these at the bottom with a boost factor of 0.1.  It's  
sufficient to find matches on the numbers.  Given the very low  
likelihood that someone would search for numbers with so many digits,  
degradation to search results is non-existent.  That may change  
slightly when I get ISSN searches working:  nnnn-nnnn  could be a user-
entered date range.

3.  For extra leverage, don't have the UI code parse out 020, 022, 035  
fields on the fly:  use the standard number fields directly from the  
respective fields SOLR responses.    Note:  these fields can have  
multiple values.  We've changed web/xsl/solr-convert.xsl  and the UI  
code appropriately.

We're happy to share our code.  The UI changes may take a bit, b/c  
we've done extensive mods to the UI code, but I'm sure we can tease  
the pertinent code out.

- Naomi

Naomi Dushay
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