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Naomi Dushay
Thanks Wayne.  Someday soon I'll have it working here for Stanford.  I  
have a meeting with librarians on Thursday to nail down more of our  
local algorithms for fields.

I have to update my vufind code as well (another task for today).    
Our slightly-out-of-date version was showing fields that weren't used,  
etc.  I'm also commenting the vufind schema.xml file to try to  
document how each field is used.  This is preparatory to my project to  
rename the fields to "self-document" their function.

- Naomi

On Jul 7, 2008, at 9:57 AM, Wayne Graham wrote:

> The is _mostly_ current. I say mostly because  
> there are a couple of fields (the ones that contain everything) that  
> aren't working properly. I think I'm going to change those to map  
> fields, but that's really a minor change (at least to that file).
> Wayne
> Naomi Dushay wrote:
>> Wayne,
>> Next question:  I see the file is updated.  Do  
>> the field algorithms correspond to the "current" vufind code, or  
>> are they your institution's or ... ?
>> I was stupidly working on this without checking if you'd updated  
>> the file.  :-P
>> - Naomi
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> /**
> * Wayne Graham
> * Earl Gregg Swem Library
> * PO Box 8794
> * Williamsburg, VA 23188
> * 757.221.3112
> *
> */

Naomi Dushay
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