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solrmarc import code: format, url(s), access method

Naomi Dushay
I can now offer our customized code (and the tests I used) for the  
fields below.  More details upon request (could be posted to list -  
didn't want to make this message too long).  In addition to adding  
tests for the code below, I also revamped the test code to make it a  
lot more efficient.

This is our initial stab;  we may well do revisions as we examine our  
data.We started by choosing an initial set of values for format, with  
"other" as a catch all.  We then created algorithms to assign our  
metadata to the different values.   Our metadata expert said to use  
the information in leader bytes 06 and 07 and additional information  
in 008 for this:  "Please note that I am not using the 006, as they  
are mainly used for coding supplementary materials (except for e-
resources, but we have other means of identifying e-resources), and  
the use of the field is not consistent. I am also not using 007,  
because the use of that field is also not as consistent as the coding  
of the leader and the 008. For this group of formats, I think the  
leader and 008 are more reliable."

The code allows a bib record to have more than one format value.

url  (for fulltext)
We wanted to split the urls for full text from other urls for a  
resource (e.g. urls for table of contents).   We achieved this with a  
combination of the 2nd indicator value in an 856 and some string  

access method:
We want a facet to indicate access, with values:
on campus
upon request   (we have offsite storage facilities)

We currently assign "online" if the bib record has a fulltext URL, and  
we currently assign "on campus" otherwise.  This is NOT our final  
approach:  a resource may have online access as well as a physical  
object.  In the near future, we will also base this on the "location"  
codes from our item records.  First we have to implement a way to get  
call number and item information in batch.

Naomi Dushay
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