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offering: Google book cover code

Naomi Dushay

Our UI programmer, Jessie Keck, has done some great work with the book  
cover code.  Here's a description of our version:

1.  use Google Book Search, not Amazon.

2.  use all OCLC numbers and ISBNs and even the LCCN in order to  
maximize likelihood of getting a hit.
2a.  does a single call to Google Book Search (not one for each  
standard number)
2b.  our priority is look for match via OCLC.  If none, look for match  
with ISBN.  If none, look for match with LCCN.
2c.  uses the first cover it finds.

3.  by utilizing an iffy undocumented feature of Google Book Search,  
we are getting larger covers for the Record view.
3a.  when there is no large cover, code uses a smaller cover.

4.  use the same bookcover code for Search results and for Record view  
and for MyResearch. (bookcover.php)

5.  When no cover is available, display nothing (instead of "no image  

We are happy to share Jessie's code.  Note that the template file  
- clean OCLC numbers (again, happy to share our solrmarc indexing code  
for this)
- clean ISBNs (ditto)
- clean LCCN (ditto)
- change to solr-convert.xsl to accommodate multi-valued variables  
(OCLC number and ISBN, in this case).
- change to Record.php to assign the above standard number variables  
to the smarty template.

We also have made a number of local changes to the template code, but  
we should be able to give you a reasonable diff to apply to this.

Jessie Rocks!

(Wayne, Andrew:  ask and ye shall receive, if you want to add this to  
a branch or wherever in SVN)

Naomi Dushay
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