Unknown extractor method error with SolrMarc

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Unknown extractor method error with SolrMarc

Michael Hayward

I've been working on upgrading our VuFind website to work with the new SolrMarc.  However I ran into a strange error when I was writing a new .java file to replace our bean shell scripts.  I wrote a simple class with two methods:
  1. public boolean hasHoldings
  2. public Set getAvail
When I ran the import with these two methods, I get the following error when importing a MARC file:

ERROR [main] (IndexDriver.java:413) - has_holdings =  custom, hasHoldings

ERROR [main] (IndexDriver.java:415) - has_holdings : Unknown extractor method: null.hasHoldings[interface org.marc4j.marc.Record]. Known methods are: 

- SchlowTools::getAvail

The getAvail method is a known method, however the hasHoldings method is unknown.  After some trial and error, I discovered if I changed the return value to String, it would work.

I did some searching, but I couldn't find anything about boolean (or Boolean) methods being ignored when writing Custom SolrMarc methods.  Has anyone else run into this error or experienced anything similar to this before?

Thanks for your assistance.
Michael Hayward
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