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Storage Retrieval Requests

Natalia Garea Garcia

Dear colleagues,


The items in our catalogue have 'sublocations' with values such as "Reading Room", "Storage", etc. We want to make sure that everything with the sublocation "Storage" is holdable and that when this sublocation is displayed, the users can also see a link to place a request.


We are using VuFind 2.4 and we have this on holdingsils.phtml:


<? if (isset($row['storageRetrievalRequestLink']) && $row['storageRetrievalRequestLink']): ?>

<a class="<?=$checkStorageRetrievalRequest ? 'checkStorageRetrievalRequest ' : ''?>modal-link placeStorageRetrievalRequest" href="<?=$this->recordLink()->getRequestUrl($row['storageRetrievalRequestLink'])?>" title="<?=$this->transEsc($checkStorageRetrievalRequest ? "storage_retrieval_request_check_text" : "storage_retrieval_request_place_text")?>"><i class="fa fa-flag"></i>&nbsp;<?=$this->transEsc($checkStorageRetrievalRequest ? "storage_retrieval_request_check_text" : "storage_retrieval_request_place_text")?></a>

<? endif; ?>


If I am understanding things correctly, then $row needs to have a 'storageRetrievalRequestLink', which should be generated with the function processStorageRetrievalRequests in processStorageRetrievalRequests in module/VuFind/src/VuFind/ILS/Logic/Holds.php.


It seems to me that the 'storageRetrievalRequestLink' is not being generated at all. So I am looking at the function and I am not entirely sure how it decides whether to add a link or not and whether a request should be blocked or not.


Could you please give me a hint on how this works so I can figure out what is happening?


I am also not sure about what can I edit in order to show the storage retrieval option only if the sublocation of the item is Storage. I was thinking I could do that with an if statement on holdingsils.phtml, but I am not sure if it is the best way to go about it.


Do you have any suggestions?


Many thanks for your help and kind regards,



Natalia Garea García
Junior Librarian

Szilard Library, EMBL Heidelberg 
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