FW: Invitation to LDCX (March 27-29) at Stanford University

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FW: Invitation to LDCX (March 27-29) at Stanford University

Demian Katz

FYI – just a reminder that I will be attending this year’s LDCX conference. If anyone else is interested in getting together and teaming up on some VuFind-related work, please take the time to sign up (registration is free) and let me know so I can plan on finding you there!

- Demian


From: Mark A. Matienzo
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2017 1:04 PM
To: Mark A. Matienzo
Subject: Invitation to LDCX (March 27-29) and Hydra Developer Congress (March 30-31) at Stanford University


Hi all -


Like in past years, we will be hosting two separate meetings at Stanford University in March: LDCX and a Hydra Developer Congress. LDCX will run from March 27th-29th, and the two-day Dev Congress will follow on March 30th-31st. Information about both events follows -- we’d love to have folks from the Hydra, Blacklight, and PCDM communities participate in both events!


**LDCX 2017**


LDCX is an annual unconference that brings together leading technologists in the libraries, archives and museums (LAM) spaces, to work collaboratively on common needs.  As a community, we recognize the need for more: more shared components, more solutions from other sources, more contributors and contributions to the pieces we have already adopted. To help galvanize this suite of community-based solutions, we have created the LDCX series of technology conferences to come to community consensus on development, best-of-breed products, requirements and future directions.


Topics of potential interest for 2017 include:

* discovery and delivery of archives

* the International Image Interoperability Framework and related software development

* linked data, data modeling, data pipelines, and large-scale data processing

* Hydra/Blacklight code convergence

* web archiving

* APIs, harvesting, and synchronization.


Of course, as an unconference, participants bring their own expertise and topics--all are a fit! More information can be found on the LDCX 2017 website [1]. Registration is complimentary, and please register at the LDCX 2017 Eventbrite [2] if you are interested in attending.


**Hydra Developer Congress**


While attendees will decide what is ultimately done during the Congress, the overall emphasis will be on community code exchange and moving community development goals forward. This can include, but is not limited to, the topics listed in this year's agenda [3], as well as development issues and recommendations that may surface as priorities from the Hydra community, working groups, and interest groups. 


If you are a developer with a signed Hydra contributor license agreement (CLA) -- or are confident that you can submit a signed CLA by mid-March -- and you're available to attend the meeting, please do register via our Hydra Developer Congress registration form [4]. Registration is complimentary. (More about the CLA process is available on the Hydra wiki [5].) This year we have capacity for 50 people at the Congress.


Since the Congress only runs for two days and attendees tend to fly out on Friday, we would like to complete as much planning as possible prior to the event. To this end the facilitators have proposed some topics on the wiki page and would like to encourage you to suggest actionable topics prior to arrival [3].


Looking forward to seeing you at Stanford in March! Don't hesitate to ping us if you have questions about either or both events.


-Mark Matienzo, Carrick Rogers, and Mike Giarlo



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