Developers Call Agenda - 4/25/17

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Developers Call Agenda - 4/25/17

Demian Katz

The next developers call will be Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 9am Eastern Standard Time (13:00 GMT).



1. Development Updates
2. Development Planning

a.      VuFind on Heroku

    b.       Image Metadata API Revisited

c.      Breaking Up Templates

d.       Channels

e.       Modularization

f.       Next ZF Version

g.      Improved Use of Permissions

h.       Solr 6

i.        Deprecation Progress

j.    Wiki Documentation Improvements?

k.   Preparing for 4.0

l.      Front End Updates

3. VuFind Usage Survey

4. Institutional Home

5. Other Topics?

More information on the free online call can be found at -- all are welcome!

- Demian




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