An opportunity to submit questions regarding the Summon API

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An opportunity to submit questions regarding the Summon API


Greetings everyone,


I am copying the following email that I posted today on the Summon Listserv, as I know our community has a particular interest in the development of the API as well as future compatibility with Alma. Please note there is a google form below if you would like to submit a question about these things or anything else and forgive any cross-posting!







From: [hidden email] [mailto:[hidden email]] On Behalf Of Judith Drescher
Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 11:46 AM
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Subject: [summonclients] What unanswered questions/topics do you have about Summon?


Hello everyone,


I am organizing a Q&A/Discussion Panel specific to Summon/360. I have a couple of people that have already volunteered, but I’d like to get one or two more, so if you plan on attending ELUNA and would be interested in co-moderating or participating as a panelist during this interactive session, please contact me at [hidden email] .


In short, the idea here is to have a customer-driven session to facilitate an open discussion amongst ourselves and/or direct questions to the Summon/360 Product Managers or Ex Libris management (if applicable). Think of this as an in-person version of what often occurs here on this list, except we can have a real-time exchange. Since it’s the first time we’re giving this a go as part of the Summon track, we believe the structure and content should be as open-ended as possible and should ultimately be shaped and determined by the community at large.


Whether you are an ELUNA/IGeLU member or not, questions and/or discussion topics are welcome from anyone in the community. I have no objection if a discussion topic or question gets tossed about here, but please submit your suggestion on a topic via this [anonymous] google form as well.


The plan is to share notes about this discussion post-conference, so even if you are not attending please let us know your thoughts of what we should discuss.


I look forward to hearing from you,



Judy Drescher, MLIS, MBA

Library Director


[hidden email]


PS: As a bonus, remember anyone participating on this panel would receive the speaker’s discount! ;^}



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